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Drive performance through fact-based decision making

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Have you enabled your people to drive financial performance?

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Basware Analytics can unlock the value across Purchase-to-Pay with actionable insights that help everyone in your organization to manage spend, remove waste, cut costs and optimize use of working capital. Improve your organization’s agility and financial performance to set your company apart from the competition and increase profits.

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Stunning data visualization to help everyone make better financial decisions

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Basware Analytics is a unique reporting solution which enables all users across the organization to harness the power of easy visualization technologies to make better financial decisions. Simply put, it helps everyone to be more agile and self-reliant in decision making.

  • Gain immediate insight into your financial performance. Basware Analytics provides visually stunning interactive reports and dashboards that make it easy for users to manage KPIs proactively, spot problems, identify their causes and take action across the entire Purchase-to-Pay cycle.

  • Enjoy end-to-end Purchase-to-Pay coverage. Identify enterprise-wide cost saving opportunities by enabling everyone if your business with immediate and complete Purchase-to-Pay spending transparency.

  • Benefit from ready-to-go procurement and accounts payable best-practice reporting. Arm your business with pre-packaged KPI dashboards from day one, leveraging real-time spend data from invoices and automated spending category mapping to give you immediate control.

  • Access financial insights anytime, anywhere. Our unrivalled usability and focus on end-user engagement makes it easy for anyone to create ad hoc reports whenever they need them – and share them with colleagues via mobile apps.

  • Access financial insights anytime, anywhere. Decision-makers and cost center managers can access out-of-the-box dashboards as well as their own ad hoc reports directly from their tablets. Up-to-date financial information helps people become more self-sufficient in their decision making. 

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Basware Analytics


A ready-to-go procurement and AP reporting solution. A revolutionary new approach to P2P analytics which empowers people right across your organization to manage key KPIs, improve processes and make better, faster financial decisions.

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